Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Story time


This is a story about the power of nature and of magic, and their price. It may also be about the nature of power and magic and the magic and nature of power, if we're going to be really clever. And it's about saving the world and falling in love and making bad decisions and all that jazz.

But involving magic, this is a world with its own rules. (Heavily borrowed from what I've been reading about D&D 3.5, in the interest of full disclosure.) The choice before us then is to reveal little of these rules and risk dear reader feeling betrayed when they lead to story developments you weren't given the tools to predict, or reveal everything and risk dulling the reading experience with dread exposition. (Or even footnotes. With statistics.) I have opted to err on the side of too much information, and hope you can forgive if it's a little clumsily delivered as long as it leads somewhere interesting.

It's very interesting to me at least, because this story has a lot of middle I haven't yet figured out. I have stalled out in a lot of attempts at serial publication where I have had the story figured out in advance almost to the smallest detail, so maybe this will be different.

Maybe you'll like the pictures too. I do, but they're really just for me. I'm a writer. I believe in the power of words.

Here's some people who don't.

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