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Emil "All mankind" Wikström is 36 years old, Swedish, nearsighted, Aspie, Scorpio, approximately 80% orphan, moderately insecure, really bad at updating on schedule and a big virgin. He can be reached on skapare@gmail.com or Twitter @all_mankind.

A classically schooled writer, if by classically you mean read a few introductions to eighties era Stephen King books and at least one early 1990s comic book script and then decided he was a prodigiously gifted writer, Emil graduated from hippie high school in 1999 with spectacularly bad grades and resigned himself to spend half of his waking hours for the next fifty years cleaning toilets to pay the bills. He browsed the Internet all day at his local library for a couple of years and ran away from home to spend a month as a hobo in the southern United States, and then came back to find the unemployment office had enrolled him in janitor school. He worked his way up to cleaning operating rooms at the local hospital (this was before Scrubs) before his boss noticed he had no noticeable talent on top of being constantly drunk from the disinfectant fumes and sent him home after five weeks. There were no casualties.

Having been discouraged from his dream of borrowing library computers to write a novel in which a heroic figure starts a war to kill all racists when it turned out those friggin Macintoshes needed just one errant key press to irreversibly erase everything you've written, seriously, who comes up with these things?, Emil spent the next decades years drawing disability money, playing videogames, futzing around with webcomics, novels and character blogs and making and losing online friends through the rise and fall of a series of communities. This comic is the last and greatest of these efforts

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