Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I miss not spending every day bargaining for my right to live with cowards and fascists pointedly refusing to tell me whether they want me dead or not

It's draining. I want to put my energies into the comic I'm still theoretically making. But I keep doing it in the mad hope that the rise of fascism will turn around and I won't have to do it because everyone can start recognizing everyone else's basic human rights. I don't want it to become a normal thing that we let people like Trump be in charge of us.

But I looked around today and realized I can't stop it. My continued right to exist depends on absolutely nothing I do. It's time to escape this world. I can either fly down to the Swedish Racist Party offices and set myself on fire or make art.

I can feel my batteries charging already.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

I've got a good feeling about this Inktober

Day 1. In the spirit of Inktoberfest this painting was done monochromatically, using only one shade of yellow and black.

Day 2. Thought I'd use actual black and white, and this abstract mess was all that happened. Well, it was an educational experiment.

Day 3. I barely slept all night. Must have been something I ate.

Day 4. Just a lady in the woods. Maybe of the woods. As a marriage of green and brown I think it's rather successful.

Day 5. I discovered this list, so I guess I'm going to try sticking to that. If I can't think of anything better. But hey, most of those fit somewhat with what I have drawn up to now.


Day 6. "Sword".