Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hate which breaks stones - Of Dragon and Woman #27

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So there's not much happening on this page, but everything that happens and doesn't happen is very significant. So I hope you'll forgive me for spending a whole, massive page on it. It was actually the only way I could think of to keep the pacing on a somewhat even keel. And it's decompressed and shit. I hear the kids love that. Okay, it's me. I love that.

I was so proud of myself for remembering to not draw any blood in the last panel there, but then it occurred to me 1) my questionable skills probably don't make it very clear the blood is supposed to be missing and 2) I think I accidentally drew Jenny adult-sized. Kids are tricky to draw in involved poses, with their stumpy limbs, and no frame of reference or nothin'. Well, we can call it a metaphor for the ends of childhood or something.

I'll be honest with ya, dear reader: I kind of like how this turned out. Well, the line art and the colors individually. Not sure if they work together in any way. But the perspectives, the framing, the layout, the anatomy and body language and even some amount of consistency in the shape of Jenny's face is all about as good as could be expected. It's nearly pretty enough that we could forget we're seeing a seven year old exhausting herself with self-harm and going to sleep in a damp forest alone, cradled only by the branches of a spruce tree.

Why do these things happen? Oh right I'm the one who makes them up.

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