Monday, November 28, 2016

What's crackin - Of Dragon and Woman page 18

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So many neat little things going on here, visually, colorially, layoutically, and some little character establishings too and even some oblique pop culture references. You'd hardly think this was drawn by someone sitting down to draw after eight hours of drawing. Just to take an example, in panel 5 we see one of those moments where the presence of the magical makes everyday life just a little bit different: Jenny can't tell a lie, and she's trying to deny being "it". Just a little thing, but can you imagine not being allowed to say "No" to things you don't like?

That being said, I'm massively irritated by Rosa's hair, by Jenny's lips (they should be a darker grey, but I can't draw lips to save my life) and by that triangle I forgot to color in panel 1, and I severely doubt the impressionistic panel 6 is working. I know, why don't you put your two cents in the comments below, or even my patreon, dear reader?

(I think I'm guerrilla marketing myself. Can you even do that?)

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