Monday, November 28, 2016

In which motivation is established - Of Dragon and Woman page 17

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I've heard you should always show what a character wants as early as possible in the narrative. Well, we can't get much earlier than three years, right?

(I can't figure out how to draw Jenny like a three year old and not like a five year old but that's not going to be a problem from the next page. We can imagine it's like a cheap movie that could only afford one actor to portray the character throughout their childhood, right?)

So I want to do at least one page a week (see my patreon if you want to see how you can hold me to it!) but of course I'm publishing this one one minute past midnight on Monday so that I can go on and put up a truly ridiculous number of pages throughout the week. I'm aiming for ten. Where ordinary serial authors try to build up a buffer, I prefer to maintain a constant stream of raw creation for as long as humanly possible and see what happens.

Now you're going to say, obviously you're going to burn out in like a month and then stop updating for years like you always do, Emil. But my hope, dear reader, is that you're going to find my work. And I really don't see any point in resting until you do.

And anyway, I feel like I'm tapping into the boundless energy of 2004, when I did this for the first time. I farted out over 100 pages of this terribleness to a Comic Genesis site which I'm fairly sure no one ever saw. I didn't care, I was just happy to be making things no one had made before. I only stopped because I happened to notice everything I'd made so far looked like a garbage fire that itself is made out of garbage.

Yes, I'm now remaking that same comic twelve years later. Hopefully both looking and reading a little better. Why not something new again, you ask? Because, and I'm entirely serious here, this is the story I was born to tell. It's just a little harder this way, which is fine cause it's the only way it can be.

Boy, I'm just bursting with motivations today. I just felt like sharing a little. What is up with you, dear reader?

Status of next page: Beautifully laid out, dialogue needs some editing. (Did you see how I used to do it in 2004?)

Edit:  Thanks to proofreaders Navi_Chem and Compleatly.

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