Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just going to keep a tally of the hate crimes, death and suffering inspired by president Trump I hear about here

November 8 : Gay man hospitalized after beating by trump supporters. (Gay Star News.)

November 9: My cousin cries all day.

November 9: Eight young trans people commit suicide. (Twitter.)

November 10: Middle school children heckling foreign-looking classmates and grabbing them by the genitals is a growing problem the National Education Association has to warn teachers about. (Aftonbladet.)

November 10: One Maha Abdul Gawad reports having her hijab pulled off and being told to hang herself with it by woman at Wal-mart. (Twitter.)

November 10: One Ashley Boyer reports being threatened by four white men while pumping gas, brandishing firearms and saying they would kill her if there were no witnesses, asking how scared she is. (Twitter.)

November 10: Seventeen year old told by white classmates she's supposed to sit in the back of the bus. (Twitter.)

November 10: One Antwan Legacy Carter reports a group of three white men on subway yelling "grab her by the pussy" as woman in dress walks by, then attempting to do so, laughing. Antwan and others succeed in throwing the three off the train. (Twitter.)

November 10: One Pari Ash reports her "second mom" - woman who grew up across the street of her who was her mom's best friend for ten years - says to "get the hell out of my country and go to Afghanistan". (Twitter.)

November 12: Hussain Saeed Alnahdi, Winsconsin, succumbs to injuries following assault, aka "is murdered". (USA Today.)

November 12: I missed a few.

As I don't have the slightest access to information nor stomach necessary to do this work, I'm going to leave it to the competent. I'll just conclude an institution that will allow someone like Trump a leadership position is one I cannot, as someone who believes in the sanctity of human life, trust.

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