Friday, October 7, 2016

How to make business associates and influence people

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And scene.

Can you tell, in my original script, the last two pages were supposed to somehow fit on one?

Also can you tell what the celebrity portraits on the walls have in common?

Black clothes, black hair, white office, lots of close-ups, not a lot of jokes, I sure am making this easy for myself, huh? But let me tell you a secret. (Navel gazing alert.) 

This page did not take four days to draw because it was technically involved or because I hurt my back sitting crouched over my drawing tablet too long (I did), but because I could not figure out how to make it visually interesting enough to bring myself to pick up a stylus. Talking heads is the worst. And people sitting down, talking business in well modulated tones and measured expressions? Ultra worst. Thanks, past me, for making me challenge myself in this new way.

I'm trying to develop more of a growth mindset. I think it's possible, even if I'm fighting against my own neuropsychological architecture. The times when I'm not drawing or writing is beginning to frustrate me more than the times when I do things is frightening me. This is as it should be. We should not be scared of the possibility of failing, but excited for the possibility of learning. I mean, I've always known this, just not had it laid out in such plain words I have no more excuse not to apply it to myself.

Maybe I'm just even more scared of not trying to learn things than I am of making mistakes. But, whatever gets the work done.

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