Ah, the original publication posts. Such memories. These are some short stories I wrote. As of 2022:02:08 these, and some others, can be bought at any price you name in a fairly fancy PDF with fewer typos in it I put together at

Stained (2022): As the great Franz Wickmeyer said. . .wait, Jeremy "Soul Patch" Simmons made a guy up to quote his poetry? That's such a smooth and evil debate move. Community aired thirteen years ago and we're still catching up on these jokes. Anyway: poor Charlie "Karl" Marks just wants to clean up the streets, but instead she has to clean up the streets.

Crash & Fallingbright (2020): As a writer, you always try to answer questions. The question here is, what would a society be like built by a humanoid species without mouths, who subsist on air and water and communicate with gestures, music, smells and the glowing lights of their eyes? And also they're all lesbians?

Charlie Kaufmann is Not Dead (2020): How do I manage to smash a self-aware for its own sake metanarrative into an alien invasion on Earth and a MFM polyromantic relationship and produce yet another sappy story of two lesbians finding each other? Find out within, Dear Reader.

Little Hearts (2020): If I say this is a story about a writer writing a story based on a dream she had where she wrote a story based on a dream I had where I wrote a story, and all four of the stories involved involve blending fiction and reality, you pretty much know what you're in for. And if I say I know how that sounds but I still spent a year writing it and I know, as someone who lives and breathes story, it may still be the best thing I've written, you should still give it a chance.

Warlock (2018): I tried to put a new spin on Faust, and ended up with this (still actually only half written) mix of hate, bullying revenge, murder, school fireballing, devil summoning, romance, evangelical humanism, adventures in storming the gates of Hell and philosophies about the costs and benefits of power.

Companions (~2010): I seem to remember I wrote this on a bet. Portal fanfiction in the form of a love letter from the companion cube made up by Chell as she loses her mind.

The Last Capitalist (2008 I think?) I remember I wrote this little fable when I first started being really mad at capitalism. Nothing has changed.

Peculiar Children (2017): Lux may never be a deep sea diver, kiss a boy or live on her own, but there's much else out there for her to explore, and her condition isn't going to hold her back. It may even help.

The Peacekeeper (2017): Detective Freemantle believes in procedure and the rule of law. But there are bloodthirsty gods and murderers out there.

Songs about the end of the world (2015): One day, a webcomic project called 30 minutes to live asked the question "What would you do if you learned the sun was exploding?" I couldn't resist answering that to the best of my ability.

Hell (2014): Ever had that nightmare where you're the target of a conspiracy so vast and powerful you can't possibly see its full scope, let alone win against it, or even understand why they'd go after you? For Agent Cortez, that's where the trouble starts.

Doors (2011): Does it seem unfair to be haunted by a house that won't leave you alone no matter where you go? This is the story about a house that makes its own rules and then only pretends to follow them to trick you.

Unseen (2010): What would you do if you were invisible and not a complete asshole? Ellen has a series of increasingly good ideas and no one to tell her no.

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