Other People

I know what you're thinking, and I feel the need to tell you, Sartre was being sarcastic when he said that. But this is just a repository of links.

Webcomics I like, in order of free association:
Strong Female Protagonist Gunnerkrigg Court Go Get a Roomie Dumbing of Age Kill Six Billion Demons Don't Seek the Void Questionable Content Wasted Talent The Non-Adventures of Wonderella Templar, Arizona The Rock Cocks Order of the Stick Three Panel Soul Awkward Zombie Buttersafe Last Days of Fox-Hound Manly Guys doing Manly Things Girly Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life A Girl and her Fed Sore Thumbs Altermeta Jack Bigger than Cheeses xkcd Demonology 101 Dresden Codak Nowhere Girl Doctor McNinja Nobody Scores! Wapsi Square Erfworld Lucid TV Dead Winter Makeshift Miracle Sufficiently Remarkable Men in Hats Rice Boy Johnny Wander Dregs Red Moon Rising The Meek Sinfest Sexy Losers Queen of Wands Punch an Pie Something Positive Homestuck Stand Still Stay Silent The Sea in You Mare Internum Superbutch Finality
Some are safe for work, some aren't. Some are completed, some are abandoned decades ago, some don't even exist anymore and are therefore not linked. (I miss, you Road Waffles.)

Other sources of information and entertainment:
Loading Ready Run Medieval PoC Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Is this racist? Worm The horrifying discoveries of an investigative journalist about president of the United States' Electoral College Donald Trump On the mathematical impossibility of tolerating intolerance The Resisting Reduction manifesto

This is the entire scope of my Internet? Kind of sad.

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