Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ideas are cheap

Another game idea: Sort of the inverse of the last one. You control, or struggle to control, a collective machine intelligence working to build more robots for itself and not get wiped out by the hostile humans. The robots design themselves procedurally, spread to cover the territory procedurally and consume available resources procedurally, and the most you can do is try to rein them in and suggest directions for them to take. The more their numbers and diversity grows, the harder it is to control them, and the more direct control you assume, the harder it is to follow the big picture.

I think specifically you only control one robot directly, close to the ground. You'll want to get your hands on a strong broadcaster that can influence more robots around it and give them directions while also avoiding losing control over your own actions under the flood of signals you receive.

Maybe you can negotiate with the humans and make peace. Even a cyborgriffic coexistence. Or you can just manage to avoid drawing too much of their attention before it's too late for them to stop you. And then you can go to space.

Artistically, I think we can get away with making it really basic. The hard part is mostly the procedural generation. So yeah. Just gotta follow through as usual.

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