Saturday, February 17, 2018

The eternal question

The girls sit down for pizza at an outdoors establishment with a glass roof where they watch the rain wash over them. The chef pins them for new in town, and gives them each a glass of something strong that tastes like lemon curd. Curious, Mara drinks it down so fast it makes her head spin. Her new rommates laugh along as she starts giggling, dangling her legs in the air where she sits.

'So what do we do now?' says Mara.

'I was thinking turn in early', says Ako. 'Screw Rachel until the cows come home.'

'You're so sweet', says Rachel, touching Ako's hand across the table.

'I guess I could be persuaded to give you some privacy', says Mara.

'Sure, kid', says Ako. 'What'll it take, pizza money? Ah, there might be a weakness in this plan.'

'Nah, I can't think of anything I need, I'm just fucking with you. I kind of really want to look around this place, I can probably spend all night. And you guys should have your alone time.'

'They'll be checking to make sure we're actually living in the place, we've got to put our stink on everything', says Rachel, appearing nonchalant as she puts a piece of pizza in her mouth and becomes preoccupied with its unexpected heat, gasping and grasping for her drink.

'That was a joke? You tell jokes?' says Mara.

'It's been known', says Ako, reaching over to put her hand around Rachel's, with a proud smile. She whispers, 'Put our butts on all the stuff.'

Watching them makes Mara feel strange, happy and lonely at the same time. They just sit there and look into each other's eyes and they both matter so much.

'Here's to keeping it funny', she says, raising her glass, smiling broadly, speaking loudly to keep her voice steady.

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