Thursday, October 19, 2017

Red in Tooth and Flame 3

Yet Mother's lessons teach her far more. She is told it will take at least a few years before she can learn to sense the subtle energies surrounding her, but it takes less than a week. The focused meditation to draw the power of the world into her body comes easily, as does channeling it to purify water, reverse rot from food, mend broken things, find north and other such handy tricks. Aseka finds herself for some reason gesturing like a magician, the tip of the middle finger on her right hand pushed over the ring finger and the index finger pointing delicately at her target, and Mother makes her practice all her spells in this way until she does it without thinking, a simple concentration aid.

And she learns the secret language of the Druids and to listen to the earth and to understand the plants animals and speak to them in terms they understand, and even pull them to her through the space underneath the world. With Beatrix she builds a constant, effortless empathic link, and she learns to understand her quiet friend's strange octopus feelings. And she learns to push and pull at wind and rain and make crops grow, and more than anything she learns to enjoy the work of learning these things and mastering the limits of her abilities and pushing against them. And when Mother exhausts herself and can teach no more, far too early in the day in Aseka's opinion, every day she goes out to continue figuring it out on her own.

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