Monday, July 24, 2017

Pizzataco: The quest for decadence

This recipe comes from the brilliant game Dream Daddy: Take a pizza, fill it with taco stuff and eat it. After careful planning and preparation, I set out to make it a reality. And per a last minute request, I made a photo journal out of it.

Part I: The Hunt

The road to the pizza place. Don't let the pavement fool you, this is wild country. I see nothing moving except a man and a dog, who force me to wait like two minutes before they disappear from sight. The rain is heavy in the air, as if already sensing the vulnerable cardboard box I'll have to use to get my pizza home.

Some signs of civilization: Graffiti, birdhouses, several people on bicycles. Oh hey there's a car.

I emerge from the wilderness, the first part of my prize in sight.

Ciao Ciao. It could mean hello. . .or goodbye.

While they make my pizza I head over to the grocery store for the taco stuff. This is actually five minutes' walk from my door, with the pizzeria on the way. But I wanted to show the nice forested place where I live.

Part II: The Labor

Here's what I got. I'm actually quite strapped for cash this month (I've eaten lentil soup and rice for six days to afford this) and I have had to strap the concept of the taco down to its greasy, decadent core: Meat and cheese. And an onion because they're cheap and healthy, and olives because I haven't had them for a month.

Abracadabra. The pizza is supposed to have pepperoni, aged cheese and spinach on it by the way. I see some kind of cheese and some kind of green vegetable. I don't know why I go to this place. (It's because it's 3 minutes' walk from my door.)

Part III: The Feast

I'm beginning to suspect I've made a mistake.

I mean, it's only noon. I skipped breakfast because I guessed a pizzataco would be good enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's delicious, by the way, though that may just be my masterful use of salt and pepper on the beef. Still no sign of pepperoni.

PS. I only used half the taco stuff.

PPS. That used to be a paper towel before I used it to try to control the grease flooding the pan. Boy does cheese have a lot of fat in it.

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  1. Update: I did find pepperoni in my very next bite, in the meatiest game of hide the sausage I've ever played.