Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Everything Changes 2: Judgment Day

Industry wisdom (or at least a thing Mr. Warren Ellis said once) suggests you get three pages to hook a reader on a comic. So why don't I spend the whole second page trying to pull off foreshortening, perspectives and a sense of fluid motion and doing nothing to convey plot or characters? Well, almost nothing. There is a chance some nuances of body language and facial expressions come across, I guess.

So the hardest part of this page, aside from the constant struggle with the demon Perfectionism, was thinking up this series of mid-air poses and the angles from which to show them. She's trying to do everything at once, but awkwardly, still finding her, uh, air legs. As one does when one suddenly can fly.

Also, when drawing full body shots of airborne children there's no cheats and no shortcuts. You have to know how tall they are. How long both of their legs are. There's no other way to make their proportions consistent. Identical twins makes this twice as scary.

I expect many readers here wonder what identical twins I'm talking about. See now how cleverly I've used my artistic ineptness to pull you along to the next page, dear reader.

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