Saturday, July 29, 2017


"Ash Ketchum is in a coma" is a great twist, but I take your point. What if:

Dexter is actually about a lonely boy putting great efforts into making friends, and his dad works with raising vampire bats for important medical research and likes to play with them and show people how nice they are.

The Big Bang Theory is actually about a group of theoretical physicists working together on a very long-term, very boring project, where they strive to maintain a light and professional work environment. The "jokes" is actually them trying to entertain each other, and the themes of demeaning and dehumanization of nerds is them being self-deprecating.

Maybe not very child friendly but I really can't think of any nicer way to frame that show.

Black Mirror is, obviously, children telling spooky stories to each other. The themes of "technology is bad" is them trying to ingratiate themselves with their parents who have taken their smartphones from them.

Orange is the New Black is about children getting forced to play outside. Some Lord of the Fliesing occurs, but nothing serious since they get to go home and eat dinner before long.

Castlevania is about a kid going to Sunday school and daydreaming about fighting Dracula.

South Park is about a group of very kind and caring children who work very hard and at the end of the day like to sit back and not contribute to society in any meaningful way.

I thought this idea had more legs to it when I started writing, but then, I don't watch a lot of non-comedy TV.

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  1. PS. I'm still on track to nurse my back back into a shape where I can concentrate on drawing before the end of Sunday.