Sunday, December 11, 2016

Something something white linen - Of Dragon and Woman #23

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Not sure why everyone ended up wearing white nightgowns today. It has a lot to do with me panicking and racking my brain whenever the time comes to coloring any piece of fabric to come up with any color other than washed out dirt to give it.

Speaking of panic, where the Hell did this entire week go? I have been feeling the crushing pressure of audience expectations combined with no audience support (aw, I still love you, dear reader.) And my sleep cycle has been all over the place. But still

Naah, that's an idle game. The time is just huge cause I keep it on while doing useful things. (Including sleeping.) Sometimes I even play it while playing real games, like

Okay, that checks out.

Anyway! One page this week, with several hours to spare. The next page is going to be much simpler and after that, who knows? I love my job.

Current reading: This lovely sad short story (I'm so going to make use of the phrase "It's rude to do things other people can't do in front of them"), The Martian and Homestuck.

Current music: London Underground.

Current mood: The feeling of lying on a heated stone floor gently washed with an ankle deep stream of hot salt water.

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