Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Of course you get bullied either way - Of Dragon and Woman #25

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So anticlimactic, after all the struggle to get this page done. Oh well, when it's just one page among two thousand it probably won't matter.

But let me tell you of the worst Christmas ever. I slept and pooped, and dreamed of shitting my pants, and wished I could lay cable lying down. I fell asleep in the bath and got a library book wet. I missed everything, even the Internet streaming celebrations I had hoped would sustain me on this first Christmas away from my family. I still haven't exchanged any gifts. And I feel really bad about not getting this page done in time.

I can't promise too much, but let's try and get at least one more done this week.

The page title I attempted to translate from a line in a comic by Joakim Pirinen, where a man meets himself as a young boy. They have a strange conversation about things that could/will have been that I don't exactly remember, but that line stands out. The English language doesn't really convey the self-evidentness, the universality, the perfect obviousness of his statement; it took several years for it to really register for me, as something said by a human (well, cartoon bear-creature) rather than universal law. You get bullied - that's just the way things are. I may have something to say about my own experience of bullying in the near future, but I wanted you to know where these words come from. And where I'm coming from, which is the reality that you get bullied, and people hate that you exist, and try to make you not exist for their satisfaction, and there's nothing you can do to stop them.

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