Thursday, December 1, 2016

A series of silences - Of Dragon and Woman page 21

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Have you ever had people you trust and depend on reveal that they think you are a monster, dear reader?

That's part of the reason this page has taken two and a half days to make. I don't know if it's because I'm more invested in the drawing or more in touch with my emotions than I used to but this feels so real to me. 

Also I'm an old man, and I tire easily. And, if you've read this far you probably know I hate straight lines - oh boy, the time and energy I put into building my janky panel borders alone - and the establishing shot demanded a wide angle on a finely built wooden house, with windows and a fence and everything. So you see the problem.

And, funny story, I got a bit further with understanding the page space than on the last page and was able to stack three pages in this one. Though it did require getting rid of a funny little bit where Rosa's dad walks by and Jenny calls him "Mr T." (Rosa's parents' names are René and Randall Triton) and now we have to live without those piping hot 1980s pop culture references.

Speaking of references, maybe I should point out that line  "Black always wins" isn't one. It's simply an observation on the nature of TV static that a five year old growing up in an ethnically homogeneous micro society almost completely cut off from the rest of the world can make, unburdened with the knowledge of what those two colors usually represent. You've got to consider the context.

Oh yeah, I mentioned something about the iron age before, didn't I? That was what we could charitably call an "oversimplification" (rather than "misdirection" or "lie"). The truth is, this village is only limited to "mostly" iron age technology because it's been many generations since anyone made it here from outside, and bog iron is all they have. It might have been more fair to draw a wind generator or two somewhere before this, but I like the understated reveal of the barely functioning TV in in what we have up to this point just assumed was a standard high fantasy setting.

One more question for you, dear reader: Do you ever watch the static looking and listening for ghosts?

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