Friday, November 25, 2016

Of Dragon and Woman page 1: Let's do this one more time.

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Long time readers may recognize this change in direction. I've started this webcomic, oh, I think five or six times since 2004. With writing the novel in between. Now the publisher has rejected my novel - seventeen years of work - in a record-breaking two weeks, it seems a good time to start taking my cartooning seriously.

I have been told most webcomic artists quit when they turn 35. I turned 36 this month. Well, I've never liked doing things the easy way.

And to empower my commitment here and for once in my life make myself stick with this thing I'm getting on Patreon! Do pledge a buck or two, if only so you can take it away from me if I should slow down my updates or in any other way let you down. The fear of letting you down shall be my driving force.

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