Sunday, September 25, 2016

Paradigms of human memory

Oh boy that's ugly.

But I wanted to show you, dear reader, what I have accomplished this week as I'm trying to regain that momentum of the webcomic that this site is ostensibly about.

Yes, this entire damn week I've struggled to open Photoshop. I have searched through drawers and folders for bits of page 10 I thought I had made back in April, and I have laboriously taken myself into town to get new pens because to my surprise my ink pen that I like to hand-write dialogue with had dried out, and I have written the dialogue and scanned it and even used Photoshop to touch it up a bit, and I have given up on the Windows 10 computer I bought last year when I got a small inheritance and returned to using my old Win 7 one that's actually much nicer (Windows 10 is such garbage fire) and can use my old tablet just so that working in Photoshop would be that little bit less of a hassle, and now, very early on Sunday morning, I have finally managed to put lines on a page.

Just this little pointless sketch, which I'm showing to you because I'm amazed at how I managed to do it while in the middle of an ontological breakdown because it turns out in the six months since I last drew anything I have forgotten everything about how to do it. Just this existential dread at the discovery that all of the rules I have discovered and internalized for the process of putting lines together into shapes like the ones in my head are complete gibberish and I have to work it all out again from the beginning. I'm just trying to draw some comics and my entire, unraveling mind is shoving itself in my face and demanding that I completely rethink how and why I think, what my thoughts are for and what they look like.

I probably have to make a serious effort to draw something every single day for a while just to get back some of the skills I had. Well, Inktober is coming up so that's a nice excuse to flood the blog with any pictures I can make and fuck perfectionism and lack of confidence.

Feel free to share any drawing prompts you may want to give me in the comments.

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