About the comic

The world always bigger than you think. It goes on forever in all directions; its horizons curl through time and space. Lands lie hidden in the folds of the map and outside its edges. The world has room for everything - everything mankind has ever imagined and everything we have not, and for every thing we learn there are a dozen more. The world's history is as uncertain as its geography, as uncertain as its future, as dependent on its observer as a painting depends on its painter. All we can know for sure is what's in front of our eyes at this moment. So basically it's like our own world.

And in the endless forest walks a girl with grey skin, standing out against the green around her like a burning torch in the dark. Her bare feet tread on moss where there are no paths, and she doesn't know the way to her friends, but she walks with light steps between the trees, without hesitation. Monsters wait in the shadows of the woods, wonders and beasts and horrors and strangers and the unknown, but she only fears herself.

The forest is the world, and the girl is Jenny Creed. She has much left to see, and much left to tell you. Come closer, sit down and rest, listen carefully. She promises you have never heard this story before.

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