About the comic

About the Characters
Most of them haven't been introduced yet, haha. But I drew this nice picture of the main cast and it seemed to be a waste to keep it to myself. So without giving too much away.

The Sleepover at Invisible College (stage team and backers) (left to right):

Abagail Wong – Guitar, vocals
Abby came from Estangesia to make her fortune. Well, mostly to be able to marry Anna Regn. But being a rock star seemed more interesting than being a housewife.

Anja Torrent – Cello
This young prodigy brings both tremendous genius and a little class to the table. Having been recruited literally from the street, her biggest problem may be idolizing her rescuers.

Ida Prince – Synth, electrical engineering
Don't tell any drummers, but Ida has one button on her keyboard that does their job better than they can. She wants you to know it's her inventions and craftmanship that lets The Sleepover do everything and anything they do.

Alice Akerman – Bass
Little is know about Alice, but at the smallest provocation she'll tell any number of stories that contradict each other and don't sound even a little true anyway. Maybe she's not even left handed.

Adam Wagner – Other bass
Fun fact: The bass section makes up more than half of the stage team by weight. Adam wants you to know living and working in a house with six women has made him very sensitive, emotionally demonstrative and ready for a deeper relationship, and also he has a very large penis.

Anna Regn Farber – Finances, moral support
Anna Regn is a millionaire, a filmmaker, a painter and the second best actor you'll ever see. And she can fly. She worries nobody can see her behind all her magic powers and accomplishments, including herself.

Leonidas Farber – Logistics, web design
The best actor you'll ever see, with power over earth and stone. A sculptor and an architect, Leon's art seems to be defined by the way she was born against her own wishes. As her love.

About the setting
This world is a lot like our own. In fact it's the same world, except it's infinitely large. It goes on forever in all directions; its horizons curl through time and space. Lands lie hidden in the folds of the map and outside its edges. The world has room for everything - everything mankind has ever imagined and everything we have not, and for every thing we learn there are a dozen more.

This has led to a subtly different culture. Since there's always free land to settle there has been very few wars of conquest, few attempts at empire, few tyrants. Borders are loosely defined. Politics are less dependent on geography. Governments are less respected. People are, perhaps, a little more trusting of strangers. This may be the reason why all humans speak the same language. They must necessarily trust each other as they question everything else.

This world's history is as uncertain as its geography, as unpredictable as its future, as dependent on its observer as a painting depends on its painter. All we can know for sure is what's in front of our eyes at this moment.

So, a lot like our own world.

About the plot
What's the comic about? Who is it for? What is it for? Those are great questions.

It's about music and art and pain and freedom. It's about dysfunctional relationships and losing control and failing. It's about caring and daring and wonder and beauty. Surviving and living and being alone and being lost and being found. Poetry and impressionism and trying to figure things out and trying to get things done.

It is, of course, about the time in our history when we gave almost unlimited power to the biggest piece of lying, thieving, raping, bullying, self-indulgent, thoughtless, heartless, proudly ignorant predatory paranoid poor people-hating senile orange-haired fascist shit ever to sit on a golden throne and, at last, began taking steps to keep that sort of thing from happening. I never wanted to involve reality too much in my stories, but that's sort of inevitable, times being what they are.

But basically it's about a mostly self-styled family of mostly lesbians working together for survival and self-expression, trying to make sense of this strange world we're put into and give meaning and comfort to our brief time here.

I can't wait for you to see what I see, dear reader.

Now start at the beginning.

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