Friday, February 16, 2018

The colors of dead TV channels

The night happens while the girls are putting their things in order, and Mara can't really figure out how she knows. There are no clocks in sight, and the windowblinds are of course fully light-proof. But it occurs to her the hour must be late enough and she's sure enough to risk openening the blinds to confirm it. Maybe it's a change in the air pressure, or some barely audible noise from people moving outside.

And so the three girls leave the apartment together to see what the city has to offer, including and particularly in terms of dinner. The sky has turned a flat, dead blue and a warm rain turns the pavement into a dark mirror. Ako pulls a hood over her head, while Rachel just brushes her hand through her short-cropped hair and sprays a fine mist around. Mara feels noticably heavier with the rain soaking her thick hair but only turns her face up to catch water in her mouth. Living in the desert outside the city has left her thirsty, so to speak.

There's music coming from somewhere and they follow the sound of Simon and Garfunkel down the street.

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