Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Making some light

Brace yourself, dear reader. It's time for another New Thing:

LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS is a light project. The pun is intentional. I've long tried to make something that doesn't immediately collapse under its own gravity and stops me working on it. This is an effort to teach myself to take my writing less seriously, so that I can teach myself to keep it up continuously, day after day. We try things. Sooner or later they should work.

But anyway. The name of the game is surreal serial microfiction. This concept comes straight from Professor Night, a delightful webseries/movie/comic book/thing that happens in Warren Ellis' Supreme Blue Rose, as well as some pages out of his The Wild Storm that I think are supposed to be about music videos. They're just these strange disconnected little scenes with questionably narrative captions and questionably narrative continuity with each other, presented as questionably fictional stories in questionably ambiguous forms of media within the comics. I've long wanted to do something in that vein, and apparently all it took was rereading Worm and the aforementioned Blue Rose at the same time to figure out I could do it by skipping the drawing step and just write. Well, mostly just write. I'm not making any promises.

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