Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Fear the sky

The sky is like the fluorescent lightbulbs, but infinite. Like static on a television screen in the old days, black-and-white dots rage over that abstract plane in an unending flood, blindingly fast, suspiciously quiet. Mara understands the warnings after just a glance. It pulls at her, makes her feel like falling up, keeps her gaze even as her vision blurs, eyes filling with tears. But she keeps walking and when the doors of the moving truck comes into her field of view she wakes up, scratching her head.

In the truck, mockingly, there's almost nothing left Mara can carry by herself. She lifts a compact box of books on top of her head with a heavy grunt and balances it there with little effort. A large, pale yellow shape appears and disappears into the alley by the corner of the building before Mara can turn her head to look, and she chances to call 'Hello neighbor?'

But nothing more moves on the ground. She hurries up the stairs to the ninth floor, catching up with Ako and Rachel on the doorstep. Hurries home.

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